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About Tassio

My name is Tassio Azambuja. For the past 9 years I have been living and working on sailboats on a full time basis. I was born in Brazil and I have been traveling outside my hometown for 16 years now. Blending work and play has been keeping me afloat. I praise functionality before aesthetics and sufficiency before luxury. Living and traveling on the sailboat Yoyo I keep pursuing the horizon like a dog after its tail.

Juggling life’s doubts and joys I go on an eternal balance quest. I try and remember that we are all and always on the same boat. I strongly believe that honest environmental and social conscious intentions and actions can only come from those who spend time with nature. Mimic it and immersing one self into it is the key.       

Be it maintaining or sailing my boat, surfing or spearfishing, I strive to connect with my surroundings. The body intelligence and the awareness of the present moment brought by these activities is for me not only a way to grow but also the path I dedicate my life to.

On this website you will find some of my photography work and my job as a sailboat skipper. Welcome aboard!

About Yoyo

Yoyo is a Hallberg Rassy “Monsun" from 1978.

Designer: Olle Enderlein

Hull length: 9.36 m / 30'9"

Length water line: 7.50 m / 24'8"

Beam: 2.87 m / 9'5"

Draft, empty load: 1.43 m / 4'7"

Displacement: 4 200 kg / 9 250 lbs

Keel weight: 1 900 kg / 4 200 lbs

Sail area with jib: 39 m² / 430 sq ft