Camino de Santiago 2002

About Tassio...

I remember the moment from this photograph like it was today. I had been walking for 10 days and with my head down I observed my feet one after the other. I raised my head and saw the scene above. It may not look like much but for me it meant a lot! I dropped the backpack from my shoulders, took my camera, searched for a roll of film and took this picture. My heart was filled with total certainty of the uncertain. Without a fix job I was doing everything to keep traveling and photographing and I was very joyful with all that!

I spent almost half of my life living in tents, the friend’s sofa, the local lodge, eco villages, farms or on the cabin of a sailboat. I am a bit older now, I have a sailboat and responsibilities to call my own… but if you look well inside the feeling from the picture above is still there.

On this website you will find a bit of my stories, my photography work and my job as a sailboat skipper. I praise functionality before asthetics and sufficiency before luxury. I live and travel on the sailboat Yoyo and I keep pursuing the horizon, like a dog after its tail. Yet sometimes, leaving a safe harbour makes me cry…

About Yoyo...

Yoyo is a Hallberg Rassy “Monsun" from 1978.

Designer: Olle Enderlein

Hull length: 9.36 m / 30'9"

Length water line: 7.50 m / 24'8"

Beam: 2.87 m / 9'5"

Draft, empty load: 1.40 m / 4'7"

Displacement: 4 200 kg / 9 250 lbs

Keel weight: 1 900 kg / 4 200 lbs

Sail area with jib: 39 m² / 430 sq ft